A plugin-library for the Simphony framework ( to provide visualization support of the CUDS highlevel components.

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Simphony-mayavi is hosted on github:


  • mayavi[app] >= 4.4.0
  • simphony[H5IO] >= 0.3.0

Optional requirements

To support testing, you will need the following packages:

  • PIL
  • mock

Alternatively unning pip install -r dev-requirements.txt should install the packages needed for development purposes.

To support the documentation built you need the following packages:

Alternative running pip install -r doc_requirements.txt should install the minimum necessary components for the documentation built.


The package requires python 2.7.x, installation is based on setuptools:

# build and install
python install


# build for in-place development
python develop


To run the full test-suite run:

python -m unittest discover


To build the documentation in the doc/build directory run:

python build_sphinx


  • One can use the –help option with a command to see all available options.
  • The documentation will be saved in the ./build directory.


After installation the user should be able to import the mayavi visualization plugin module by:

from simphony.visualisation import mayavi_tools


  • It is also recommended that the user uses qt4 as the user interface backends by setting the environment variable ETS_TOOLKIT. In Bash, that is:

    export ETS_TOOLKIT=qt4

Known Issues

  • Segmentation fault during loading or running test suites

    This may be caused by installing BOTH simphony-paraview and simphony-mayavi in the same environment. Since paraview and mayavi use different versions of VTK, work-around is limited. Here are two possible solutions.

    • If you don’t need both simphony-mayavi and simphony-paraview, uninstall one of them, e.g.:

      pip uninstall simphony-paraview
    • If you must retain both plugins, choose to remove one of them from the simphony.visualisation entry points. The plugin removed from simphony.visualisation is still accessible via import simphony_paraview.plugin or import simphony_mayavi.plugin. Notice that this change would cause plugin loading tests to fail.

Directory structure

  • simphony-mayavi – Main package folder.
    • sources – Wrap CUDS objects to provide Mayavi Sources.
    • cuds – Wrap VTK Dataset objects to provide the CUDS container api.
    • core – Utility classes and tools to manipulate vtk and cuds objects.
    • plugins – GUI for Mayavi2
    • modules – default modules for visualising SimPhoNy objects
    • examples – Holds examples of loading and visualising SimPhoNy objects with simphony-mayavi.
  • doc – Documentation related files: - The rst source files for the documentation